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Here you'll find 100's of posts on 'How to' blog, email, Apps and Gadgets to speed you up, live blogs from events and podcasts. The latest four are below, click view more

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Bernie's Blogging University will be back later in 2014 - subscribe to my email community to learn more. The next round will be designed around what questions people ask and contributions made, so far it is a mix of social, apps, event engagement,  community building and getting over writers block. I am not interested in 'persuading people' and I am sure you are immune to all that 'crap' - what I really like to do is help people connect their community and ideas, especially around events and bar camps and Meet Ups. 100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn Red What is doing something with Bernie a good idea? Ask anyone I have worked with (especially the people I upset or who fired me) if I know what I am talking about and THEN as the icing on the cake you can have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not a 100% satisfied.* *Terms and conditions apply

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About Bernie and Engaging People

Bernie J Mitchell

Hell's teeth Batman! It's the ABOUT section - the most read section of a website!  (Better not screw this up! Remember not to sell your self short or exaggerate too much.) Saying things like "I worked for the Royal Family” when it really means you served the Queen ONCE in 2002 sucks!

About me: My background is in hospitality and events which led me to sales and marketing and then to content creation and blogging. I studied education and literature at University, which is more useful than studying marketing when it comes to communicating on the web.
What I do: I love sharing my experience in blogging with people- how to blog, why to blog and where to blog, I am pretty good at helping people “cure” writers block and get organised with their workflow. I have run 100's of small events and workshops on social media, content and communications. Most of this I do online so I can be 'location independent'. Content marketing and inbound marketing are amazing for connecting people with your ideas and services, if you are still waiting to see if the internet is worth a look at you really are missing a trick!
Super Power
My super power: is that I am sharply dyslexic, which helped me develop an obsession with productivity apps to capture creativity and make ideas happen and I am brilliant at connecting people and ideas. On the down side I never developed a passion for deadlines or time keeping and have missed more than one plane in my time. Since 1999 have worked freelance first as an event manager and since around 2006 in marketing and communications cen
tred consultancy and founded my Engaging People label in 2008.
Where to find me: I don't 'do meetings' or "can I pick your brains over coffee" instead you can join me at London Coworking spaces  @90Mainyard or @workhubs or in  Buenos Aires at Gabriel's Studio or come to one of the events I co-create like The Late Late Breakfast Show, TAGtribe or the mighty London Bloggers Meet Up. I podcast on Sharing Economy Radio and London Bloggers Meet Up You can join my action packed and (sometimes) life changing fortnightly newsletter